Texas native Cody Johnson to perform at 2022 Houston

Texas native Cody Johnson to perform at 2022 Houston
Texas native Cody Johnson to perform at 2022 Houston

Texas native Cody Johnson to perform at 2022 Houston The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo announced on Tuesday that Texas native Cody Johnson will begin celebrating Rodeo’s 90th birthday with a performance on February 26.

“Cody Johnson has built an enthusiastic following among our Rodhauston fans since his first performance in 2017,” said Chris Boleman, President and CEO of Rodeo. We look forward to welcoming Rodioston back to Cody to help us start our 90th anniversary celebrations. ”

Texas native Cody Johnson to perform at 2022 Houston Tickets go on sale July 29 at 10 a.m. via XX Tickets via RhodeHouston.com. An online waiting room will open at 9:30 a.m. where customers will be randomly selected to purchase tickets at 10 a.m.

Officials said a seat in the waiting room does not guarantee tickets. Tickets start at 20 20, with an additional discount of 4. A limit of four tickets per person will be allowed.

Former mayor, former presidential candidate, transport secretary – future space traveler?

Transportation Secretary Pete Batigieg said he was delighted to see Jeff Bezos explode into space on Tuesday, describing space travel as a clear trend for the future. It’s a journey he would like to take on his own, although he doesn’t think it will happen in the future.

“I have to pick up the pace. I think it’s such an exciting thing,” Battigig, 39, told the Washington DC Economic Club, but the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana and the Democratic presidential candidate from 2020 which means he’s brave “I don’t think plane tickets or space travel, whatever you say, will come to my budget anytime soon,” he said.

“I am definitely interested in this and others.”

Bezos, the founder of Amazon, made the first flight of his rocket company Blue Origin, becoming the second millionaire in just a week to launch his own spacecraft. Bezos auctioned off several million dollars for a seat on the flight.

Richard Branson, the founder of the company, has about 250,000 reservations for a spaceship in the Virgin Galactic after dollar competition first exploded from space tourism.

Even with his personal encouragement, Buttegag said on Tuesday that the frontline government will challenge the federal government to ensure the safety of astronauts and a wider population, a task that falls to his department’s office of commercial space transportation. .

“I think a lot more will come from here,” he said. “Everyone understands that we will have some time before we reach the level of commercial air transport where you should have a expectation of 100% safety on board. But no matter how risky the decision of these first passengers will be, we have ensured that there is no human risk on land and in the air.

“It’s very exciting, but it’s one of the things we’re going to see in the 2020s because we’re not just designed for a lot of personal space travel,” Batigig said.

Texas native Cody Johnson to perform at 2022 Houston

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