The best block in NBA playoff history: How does the box compare to Giannis Antetokounmpo?

Milwaukee box superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo thrilled Wednesday night at the NBA Finals 4 time Phoenix Sun Center Deandre Ayton with his huge clutch block in the basketball world.

With the box 101-99 ahead and just one minute left, Sun guard Devin Booker lost the pass handed to Ayton near the rim. Ayton seemed to have a shot in a simple alley-alley slam, but Antetokounmpo got Ayton denied in his long right-handed attempt to save time.

The Block Box had a 109-103 win that helped maintain the lead on the way to the 2-2 series evened. Antetokounmpo finished with two points at night to go with 26 points, 14 rebounds, eight assists and three steels.

Antetokounmpo Games 2 and 3 put on a show with back-to-back 40-point matches, but they also have a huge presence on defense for the BUCKS since last season’s best defensive player of the season since 1971 looking to win their first NBA Championship.

So how does the denial of Greek whimsy best pile up against what ever? Here are 10 more of the best blocks in NBA playoff history:

LeBron James on Andre Iguodala
Vs Warriors Cavaliers, 2016 NBA Finals, Game 7

It makes NBA history and James’ career perhaps one of the most memorable dramas between the signing moments. With two minutes left and the score equalizing at 89, James swatted an attempt to close his layup glass as Iguodala took a quick break from near midfield. The Block Cavaliers have won Cleveland’s first professional sports championship in the full 52 years since their return from a 3-1 series deficit.

Judge Olajuwon on John Starks
Rockets vs. Knicks, 1994 NBA Finals, Game 6

The Rockets needed Olajuwon’s block on the Starks within 7 seconds of a decisive game on their way to their first championship. Houston led 86-84 when the Starks left-hander tried a 3-pointer to win a potential game. Olajuwon, the league’s most valuable player and defensive player that season of the year, rescued at the last minute and deflected Starks’ shot off the line. Rockets Game 7 titles and Olajuwon finals were declared the most valuable player.

Tiago LeBron James on the person that caused the separation
Heat vs. Tottenham, 2013 NBA Finals, Game 2

James’ first unbeaten finals block an epic seven-game series that reminds Roy of Allen’s famous 3-pointer game 6. After the late opener’s loss came to the fore in the early heat game 2 with a 103-84 defeat that evened James in the fourth quarter against that man. Make any exclamation point with huge blocks. The man who caused the breakup rolled down the alley and bent the ball back for a sting but James refused to meet him on the shore.

Prince Tayshaun on Reggie Miller
Vs. Pacers Pistons, 2004 East Finals, Game 2

The bottom series held a 69-67 lead with 40 seconds left under with Detroit 1-0. Turning the ball over the pistons, he got it to Miller in a runout with him and no one in the basket. Everyone at the Arena thought Miller had a game-tying layup, but the Prince Block stood out to chase down the Seal Pistons’ win. Detroit won the series in six games, then defeated the Lakers in the final for the 2004 title.

Horace Grant and Scott Pippen on Charles Smith
Vs. Knicks Bull, 1993 Eastern Finals, Game 5

The sequence still gives Knicks fans nightmares. The series was tied 2-2, and the 95-94 lead with the Bulls led the game in less than 20 seconds. Grant blocked Smith’s first layup attempt. Smith got the ball back, but Michael Jordan threw it. Smith was back again, only for Pippen to get the win seal for Chicago to block him in two more attempts. The Bulls have won 6 series playing along the way with their third straight NBA title.

Adebayo left on Jason Tatum
Heat vs. Celtics, 2020 East Finals, Game 1

Adebayo 2020 was a breakout postseason, and its game-sealing Tatum blockade is one of its biggest dramas. With heat overtime leading 116-114 in the final seconds, Tatum happened to alley for what looked like a game-tying sting. But Adebayo rotates more from the weak side and stuffs Tatum towards the edge with his left hand. Adebayo collected rebounds as the heat won the series opener on their way to the NBA Finals.

Manu Ginobili on James Pakan
Vs Rockets Spurs, 2017 West Semifinals, Game 5

One of Ginobili’s countless clich ছ dramas of his career with Tottenham tasted a central victory that turned out to be a twist. The Rockets trailed 110-107 with a potential game-tying 3-pointer to rise by Ginobili on the left wing with 9.3 seconds of overtime left. Ginobili rescues a shot like a horn in the back to block a San Antonio victory from this dhoot.

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