The expansion of college football playoffs could improve the amazing field level, the regular season

College Football Play-Off Thursday 12. Announcing a proposed expansion of its field size from four teams The proposed new structure has a few surprising elements and the number of teams has just begun.

Creating and expanding the structure of the college football championship will traditionally happen at a glacier pace. The Bowl Championship series was the first iteration of a play though with only two teams being one, and even that ended with a “split” national championship in 2003 over the BCS 16 season. The next four team formations came in 2014 on a 12-year contract to play college football.

So there is a triple of 12 fields from a thirst for power that is suddenly – the right past six and eight team models skipping – is remarkably progressive.

The expansion will be the second biggest surprise format proposed by this CFP action group which consists of six champions to win the top-ranked conference call for the field and six with the champions taking the Large Top Four byes.

While that certainly puts a premium to winning your conference, the wonderful part is that no discounts are made for Notre Dame. The War Irish, because they are an independent who cannot win a conference, cannot qualify for an opening round farewell even if they finish 1st season in the CFP rankings. Notre Dame finished No. 4 in No. 3 in 2020 and 2018; If the 12-group format then existed, it would be seeded no more than 5.

One final surprise is that this format still does not guarantee a spot for the champions from that power five conferences. In fact, if this format existed by 2020, the Pack 12 champions would miss out on Oregon. In fact, the No. 25 duck was only the champion at the eighth highest-ranked conference. No. 8 would have done Cincinnati and No. 12 the coastal Carolina field, and No. 22 the state of San Jose also earned Oregon more space. The champion in five conferences would achieve the playoff spot of the two groups.

Although the 2020 season was an exception all the way possible, how strange things could not happen, and history has shown us that we will not need strange things to happen worldwide.

In our own David Cobb how 12-team format, CFP was bracketed in the first seven episodes so I took a look at what to send to, but here are some footnotes from what would have been if this had existed from the CFP launch.


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