Thompson -Herah completed sprint double

Thompson -Herah completed sprint double The 24-year-old, who lost to Shippers at the World Championships in Beijing last year, set fire to his home in 21.8 seconds and took revenge.

Shippers won silver in 21.88 seconds and collided with the truck as it crossed the line. Meanwhile, American Toribovi won the bronze medal in 22.15 seconds.

England’s Dina Asher-Smith is fifth in the same position at 22.31 in Beijing.

Thompson -Herah completed sprint double The beautiful moments of UEFA Euro 2020 are now magical in Vivo

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Thompson -Herah completed sprint double After eight years as Shelley-Ann Fraser Price 100m champion, Thompson completed Griffith Joyner’s last feat in Seoul in 1988.

Marion Jones first returned to the country in 2000 for both events in Sydney, but those medals were snatched away due to doping.

Thompson says: “The motto of my school was to turn on the lights. “Let the light shine tonight.

“It’s a big surprise for me because I’ve got a hamstring injury. You have to get over these things, and I’m standing here tonight with money. It’s hard to lose Daphne. That’s it.”

After that, the shippers were completely disappointed and said: I am not happy with the silver. ”

Thompson -Herah completed sprint double

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