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Tiktok frozen honey trend can have ill effects

Tiktok frozen honey trend can have ill effects This trend has recorded nearly 900 million views, with manufacturers putting honey in an empty water bottle and putting it in the fridge, and after a few hours, squeezing the sticky part in their mouth, sometimes painful. , I often upload videos that make me happy. ..

Tiktok frozen honey trend can have ill effects This move has grown rapidly since Ramirez’s July 9th video.

Formulations are now made from a variety of corn syrups and decorated with candies and flavors. Other versions include Chili Troco Spicy Sour, Bubble Tea and Sriracha.

Some manufacturers, including Ramirez, are partnering with a sweet business to make the product a semi-frozen, semi-gelatinous mixture in the video as the next sweet treat. Nevertheless, honey remains the basis on which all other flavors were based.

“I think it got a lot of attention and charm because everyone has honey at home,” Ramirez said on Saturday. “People may say,’Oh, I have honey in my house. Let’s try it.'”

But like many social media trends, eating frozen honey carries risks, health experts say.

Sarah Rueven, a New York nutritionist, says eating too much honey can cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. This is part of the consequences that some people in the app may be experiencing.

“Like most viral videos on TicTacToe, I think it’s a kind of shocking value and a kind of stupidity, but do you think it’s a great idea?” Ruben said. “But I think people can do better with honey.”

Eating large amounts of honey over a long period of time can be unhealthy, he said. It can cause weight gain and harm your teeth.

“Eating a lot of sugar gives you the same high insulin response, which often makes it very unstable after the sugar is high and your blood sugar drops,” Ruben said. Stated.

Ramirez, who has about 5.5 million followers on the ticket, said he wasn’t ready to start the trend. He saw many people eating fine cylindrical candy in a YouTube video dedicated to Automatic Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), but couldn’t create his own version of that candy.

He later learned that honey could help create the texture of his Gore. He put something in a small jar, frozen it, recorded that he ate it himself, and read comments from believers about what he just ate.

Two days later he told the audience his secret. “These things are just honey,” he said.

From there, other TikTok makers interested in textures shot their own ASMR-like videos.

Eloise Fauldagar, who has about 6 million followers on the app, said he only ate a bite of cold candy. He wanted to try it first, he said, because everyone was crazy about it.

“Of course, I was scared at first. I thought,’Random, but at the same time, I’m happy,'” he added, adding that he felt sick after his boyfriend tried something.

When 20-year-old Daniela Shaba first tried, she said the first bite was cold, but then the honey melted in her mouth and the chewed Uju was delicious. Shaba owns a candy company and introduces her own products into the mix.

“I really like it, and it’s different from my other videos, and there are plenty of options,” Shaba said. “We can make another million videos with this trend,” she said.

For Ramirez, what other tickers call the “frozen honey king,” the opportunity to be creative makes the trend interesting.

In one of the latest videos of tasting cotton candy bottles, one commenter suggested taking the trend to the next level. “Can you make pickled cucumber juice?”

Tiktok frozen honey trend can have ill effects

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