Tom Cruises appearance at British Grand Prix

Tom Cruises
Tom Cruises

Tom Cruises appearance at British Grand Prix Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise spotted another iconic sporting event at the British Grand Prix in the Mercedes garage on Sunday.

Seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton invited Cruz to join the Mercedes team at Silverstone, where the British driver won his 99th Grand Prix.

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The cruise line was celebrated like no other in the Mercedes garage as Hamilton beat race leader Charles Lellark by 50 laps.

The 59-year-old actor, who filmed the latest episode of Mission Impossible in England, hugged Hamilton before the lights went out and after a light chat with Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali.

Find someone who looks at you like Tom Cruise looks at Lewis Hamilton Peak.

– Mark Istuk (@MarsIstuk) July 18, 2021
Last week, Cruz was lucky enough to take part in the men’s and women’s singles finals at Wimbledon and the final of the European Championships between England and Italy.

Legendary Harrison Ford was present at Silverstone, seen in Williams Garage on Sunday.

Among the 140,000 spectators were Arsenal captain Pierre-American Aubamiang, young tennis player Emma Radukanu, Prince Edward and actor Michael Douglas.



Not everyone liked Cruz’s presence during Ash Bertie’s Wimbledon win last week.

Tennis fans have lashed out at the actor for embracing the spotlight – Wimbledon broadcasters and official social media accounts pointing to him.

Cruz seemed to get the attention as soon as he got up and swayed to the crowd and asked to be photographed with the fans.

Hamilton overcame a 10-second penalty for leading in three low laps to compete in a dramatic race at Silverstone, where Max. He was eventually awarded two championship points for his involvement in a horrific accident with Red Bull’s Worstapen.

The replacement showed Hamilton championship leader Versatapen ing in the first lap from the 289km / h track to the tire wall.

Trump was given a medical examination for further tests before being taken to a local hospital, the Dutch man came out.

Meanwhile, Australian driver Daniel Ricardo is fifth with McLaren for the best result of the first season.

Tom Cruise’s

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