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Traveling without vaccine to become punishable offence

Traveling without vaccine to become punishable offenceLiberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Haque has said that citizens above the age of 1 will be punished by law if they travel without the Covid-1 vaccine after August 11.

The minister issued a statement to the secretariat on Tuesday on the epidemic situation and the next steps with senior government officials, reported.

Traveling without vaccine to become punishable offence The meeting decided to extend the ongoing blockade for another 10 days till August 10.

One week after the government launched a national vaccination campaign, on August 11, shops, businesses and offices will be allowed to reopen. Public transport has been allowed to resume in a limited way “by rotation”.

The minister said anyone without a vaccine is not allowed to start work.

“After August 11, if a person over the age of 18 travels without a vaccine, it is a punishable offense. Roads, rivers, cars, motorcycles, autorickshaws, buses, trains and other vehicles. Travelers to any institution must be vaccinated. Simplifying and prioritizing the process, ”he said.

“Information about vaccinated people will be uploaded directly to the website. No one can lie and go anywhere. Vaccination is given before the store opens on August, August 8 and August. The meeting decided to reopen the store from August. 11th. ”

The minister said the vaccine would be given at the village level.

“No one can say they didn’t get the vaccine. If they don’t comply with the law, they could face fines at various levels under the ordinance.”

“Strict action will be taken if people do not wear masks and do not violate health restrictions.”

“From August to August 7th, we will provide about 10 million vaccines in all the unions and wards of the country. We need a lot of cooperation to carry out this campaign. That is why today he has met with the ministry and military chiefs and asked for help.”

“Apart from vaccinations, it is also essential that people wear masks and maintain social distance. The police enforce these rules properly and wear masks even when they are young. You can give certain powers so that anyone can fine them for what they have. An ordinance is needed. We’ve talked about it, so we’ll take that step. You can fix it. ”

Traveling without vaccine to become punishable offence

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