Tropical Storm Elsa Bringing Heavy Rain, Gusty Winds And Possible Power Outages

Tropical Storm Elsa
Tropical Storm Elsa

Tropical Storm Elsa  The heaviest rainfall will fall on the west side of the runway, with most of the area west of I-95. There may be 2 to 4 inches of rain in some parts of our area until Friday afternoon. Flash floods are likely in southern New England, especially from 6am to 10am from the nearest Elsa Pass on Friday morning.


The strongest winds will be east of the Elasar track which will probably include the coast on the immediate south coast and of course Cape Cod and the islands.

Tropical Storm Elsa  There is a risk of damage to trees and power lines and numerous power outages in the area. Winds of 35 to 55 mph are likely to blow before Mass I-99. Winds may blow further southeast in the final southeast of the month and in the Cape / Islands at 55 to 70 mph from southeast.


While we don’t expect severe storms or coastal flooding along the Elsa Pass, the seas will be very angry at 10-20 feet of swell near the coast, especially on our southbound beaches on the south coast. Dangerous rip currents and marine conditions will continue for most of the day on Friday.


Heavy rain conduction directly associated with Elsa will move to south-west New England around 7am to expect the most rainfall and wind in Elsa by 7am and 2 p.m. Friday.

In the 6-hour period from To, we will be in and out of heavy rain with 2 to 4 inches of rain in a short time. Flash and flooding is expected in the streets on Friday morning and some roads will be flooded and almost inaccessible.

The strongest winds (Far East Massachusetts, Cape, Islands) will start at 7 am and 4 pmm. On Friday, the Elsa Center will be touring our area. Again the Outer Cape and the islands are at risk of up to 55 miles per hour for 70 miles per hour for some altitude.

There is always a risk of severe weather as tropical systems move closer or higher, possibly isolated tornadoes. This we will notice closely on Friday.

From south to north in the afternoon this rainfall will soon die out and most of the rainfall will be after 1 to 2 p.m. in Maine. And running in northern Canada. The winds will remain unrealistic about 4-5 p.m. for an additional few hours along the coast. Before relief

On Friday night we will clean up quickly and without some scattered showers. We have a nice pleasant weekend in front of us. The temperature in front is near or a little above 80 degrees. After weeks of busyness and rain exactly what the doctor ordered.

Tropical Storm Elsa

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