U.S. launched cyberattack on Chinese petition

U.S. launched cyberattack on Chinese petition A Chinese online petitions server calling for a World Health Organization (WHO) investigation into the US laboratory Fort Detrick was confronted with cyber-tech from a US IP address, the Global reported on Sunday. Times in an editorial.

The revelation came after more than 100 million internet users signed up on Saturday night, and the Global Times reported that the pace of applications was steadily increasing.

U.S. launched cyberattack on Chinese petition Fortunately, the server has withstood cyber attacks and suffered very little losses. US forces may launch more cyber attacks targeting the server.

We will be fully prepared to resist attacks, protect online petitions, and protect human rights. sacred expression of Chinese netizens. ”The Times condemned Sunday’s bombing.

“We are urging many more Chinese not to sign the petition to join the campaign. It is clear that some American powers hate the petition too much, if not fear it, ”he said.

A group of Chinese internet users wrote an open letter calling on the WHO to investigate Fort Detrick and forcing the Global Times to post the letter on Chinese social media platforms WeChat and Weibo on July 1 for a public response.

U.S. launched cyberattack on Chinese petition

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