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UK stop selling Marlborough cigarettes

UK stop selling Marlborough cigarettes The move means the company’s flagship brand, Marlborough, will disappear from UK stores.

The agency also praised the government’s ban on cigarettes.

The charity Ash says it’s hard to take seriously such claims from companies responsible for selling more than a tenth of their cigarettes globally.

“Philip Morris will see a world without cigarettes – the sooner it happens, the better it will be for everyone,” the agency said in a statement.

 UK stop selling Marlborough cigarettes Philip Morris ultimately hoped the government would ban smoking altogether, saying “strict controls were needed” to solve the smoking problem once and for all.

The government has already pledged to quit smoking in England by 2030 as part of various measures to tackle the causes of preventable health problems.

In his first comment in the Sunday Mail, Philip Morris International (PMI) Managing Director Jacques Olkak told the newspaper: “I want this company to quit smoking.

He added: “I think in the UK, in ten years or less, you can completely solve the smoking problem.”

“Beautiful words are not the solution”
But Deborah Arnott, CEO of the Tobacco and Health Promotion Charity (Ash), said: “Philip Morris claims they want to end smoking year after year, but how can such a claim be? taken seriously by an organization? Sell more than one in 10 ?, ”

He stressed that quitting smoking should be a priority for the government by 2030.

“Smoking in the United States is likely to kill more people than Covid-19,” he added.

“Philip Morris’s subtle words are not the solution – money is needed to promote government-sponsored behavior change and help smokers quit.”

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Philip Morris has already made the same claim.

In 2016, Mr Olekzak’s predecessor as chief executive, Andre Calantzopollos, told the BBC that the company could stop making conventional cigarettes.

And in 2018, in another BBC interview, Mr Calantzopoulos said Philip Morris wanted to quit smoking as soon as possible.

After Mr Olkak’s final remarks, Dr Myra Gilchrist, vice president of a strategic and science communications firm, told the BBC: “Stopping is the best option, but for those who don’t, the science and technology have enabled companies like ours to keep going – better alternatives to continuing to smoke.

He added that encouraging people to switch to alternatives with tighter controls would help solve the smoking problem “in one fell swoop”.

“Instead of taking the right steps, the PMI could stop selling cigarettes in the UK within 10 years.”

UK stop selling Marlborough cigarettes

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