US to begin Afghan refugee programme

US to begin Afghan refugee programme US President Joe Biden’s administration will launch a new program to resettle certain Afghans as US refugees, officials and two known sources said on Sunday.

Three sources speaking on condition of anonymity said the US State Department is expected to announce the creation of two so-called priority refugee programs.

US to begin Afghan refugee programme The State Department did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

The program took place later this month, before the official withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan, and the Taliban are promoting the occupation of the state capital.

Biden’s involvement with the United States during a 20-year US-led war faced pressure from lawmakers and a group of lawyers to help Afghans risk retaliation from the Taliban.

Officials said the new refugee program would target US-funded projects and Afghans who worked in US-based private organizations and the media.

These Afghans are not eligible for a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program, which includes interpreters and other people who have worked for the US Government and its families.

Last week, about 200 SIV applicants and their families in the final stages of visa processing flew to the United States at the start of an eviction called “Allied Evacuation Operations,” in which more than 50,000 may have participated. is. read more

They were taken to a military base in Virginia, completed final procedures, and then resettled nationwide.

Government officials said the new program for Afghans, unlike the priority refugee program for Iraqis, which was suspended indefinitely, continues to investigate widespread fraud. read more

Applicants for the new Afghanistan program must be referred by a US agency, US official, private sector, or media.

The need for referrals is an important difference between the new Afghan program and the Iraqi program, which allows Iraqis to apply directly without referrals, officials said.

Report by Jonathan Lande, Ted Hesson and Idris Ali. Edited by Clarence Fernandez

US to begin Afghan refugee programme

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