USA vs Mexico final Gold Cup 2021

USA vs Mexico final Gold Cup 2021
USA vs Mexico final Gold Cup 2021

USA vs Mexico final Gold Cup 2021 The Gold Cup finals are almost here against the United States and Mexico in Las Vegas on Sunday night. The view is as follows. Americans want to win the trophy for the first time since 2017, and Mexico wants to win the Gold Cup title in a row in June in retaliation for the League of Nations’ final defeat to the United States. ..

USA vs Mexico final Gold Cup 2021 Before kicking off, each team is undefeated in the tournament, so there are three things to check:

US defense needs to be more integrated
A closer look at the match scores or a closer look at the box scores will show the US teams who have won five Gold Cup matches and scored only one goal. This averages 0.2 goals per game, better than any other team in the tournament. Sounds good, but the numbers can be deceived. The truth is that the United States was not at all sharp in its defense. According to Trumedia, the expected goal for them was 5.82. That is, you must concede at least one goal per game. Opponents are also terrible spenders, partly because Matt Turner’s goal isn’t extraordinary play (see Qatar’s penalty kick in the semifinals).

.... The US defense will have to be better against Mexico, a team that scored three goals with multiple goals. The biggest problem is defensive positioning, which has led to a narrow victory over Canada and Haiti.

Take, for example, Qatar. Here, a poor gift from James Sands allows Qatar to quickly go to the counter. Sand, marked inside the white circle below, looked at the ball and was found trying to protect another Qatari player at the top, identified by Miles Robinson. As a result, Almoyez Ali remained open. Shakel Moore (No. 20) below was also caught very high in the field, giving the ants a large working space.

Fortunately for the United States, Qatar did not pay them. But these mistakes probably won’t happen to the Mexican team who won’t let go of those opportunities.

In addition to being in the right position in the defensive position, the United States needs a better shutdown. Hector Elera’s victory over Canada shows how fast Mexico can hit at the moment and finish the match in the moment of the greatest moment.

Keeping in front of the player and getting closer to the top of the box will be an important defensive move on Berhalter’s side if he wants to bring back another trophy this summer.

2. More consistency is needed before the Mexican goal
Hearing the fan base praise their goalkeeper, it took me to the wall, which meant that the defense was mostly successful or it was a performance around the team. It’s a borderline savagery. I remember two cases. In the 2014 World Cup, the United States lost to Belgium in the 16th round and beat Qatar on Thursday. Of course, seven years ago, Tim Howard performed quite a bit that day, and Turner performed on Thursday as well. But when the goalkeeper is making countless astounding saves, in a state of excitement, it’s also a sign that your defenses aren’t working properly.

If these opportunities are readily available in Mexico, it will end soon … if Eltori could be more consistent in front of the goal. Mexico scored nine goals in five games, scoring a total of 922 shots. They benefited from the penalty, failed to score with the poor Trinidad and Tobago, and had problems in El Salvador. Lack of one-third of the sharpness that is attacking can lead to their fall.

If US defense leaves many opportunities as mentioned above, see. If that trend continues, Mexico will have their chance and feel comfortable taking the title home. But on another half-holiday night in Eltree, they could suffer another tragic defeat to the Americans for the second time in two months.

Despite being neither a flashy player nor a consistent player, Giuseppe Jardes returned to the era of coaching with Columbus Crew and played several times on behalf of Berharder.

A loyal veteran, he has scored four international goals in the League of Nations twice since 201, in the League of Nations with Canada, and then in the Gold Cup with Martinique and Qatar. His final goal was to send his team to the title game in the semifinals after he got off the bench.

USA vs Mexico final Gold Cup 2021

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