Watch Tszyu vs Spark Live on Kayo Pay-Per-View

Tszyu vs Spark Live
Tszyu vs Spark Live

Tszyu vs Spark Live on Kayo Pay-Per-View For years Michael Zerafa claimed he wanted a bit of Tim Tszyu.

Turns out he didn’t , after sensationally coitus interruptus of his much-anticipated super welterweight fight against Tszyu on July 7 in Newcastle due to the newest Covid outbreak which has forced Sydney into lockdown and since he didn’t want to possess to quarantine upon returning to Melbourne.

The late withdrawal has been slammed.

Watch Tszyu vs Spark Live on Kayo Pay-Per-View The Daily Telegraph’s boxing writer Jamie Pandaram said Zerafa’s career was now in tatters after his stunning withdrawal.

Tszyu vs Spark Live “He promised Micky Hatton would enter the ring. Instead, we got Mickey Mouse,” Pandaram wrote.

He added: “29-year-old Zerafa has virtually killed off his career in Australia.”

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But Jeff Fenech believes Stevie Spark will represent a tougher challenge than Zerafa and possesses something which will challenge Tszyu more: belief.

Fenech — a former three-division world champion — believes Zerafa recognised he didn’t stand an opportunity and had actually unleashed an inner beast in Tszyu last month by recalling his father Kostya’s defeat to Micky Hatton, which ended his decorated career, at the Fox Sports office in Sydney.

“Maybe he saw something in Timmy’s eyes when he mentioned his dad,” Fenech told Sporting News.

“I saw something. I saw something that scared me that day.

“I’m serious.

“It was opposite to when Paul Gallen said something about Justis Huni’s dad – there was no reaction.

“But Tim Tszyu went berserk. I saw it.”

Tszyu vs Spark Live
Tszyu vs Spark Live

Watch Tszyu vs Spark Live on Kayo Pay-Per-View Jeff Fenech says Stevie Spark are going to be tougher than Michael Zerafa. Picture: NCA NewsWireSource: News Corp Australia

Tszyu vs Spark Live It is something CEO of NO Limit Boxing George Rose picked up in his statement following Zerafa’s withdrawal.

“We knew from the instant he looked Tim within the eyes at the news conference and went quiet that he never wanted this fight,” Rose said.

“I knew it. Tim knew it. Australia knew it.

“He never wanted this fight and every one I can say is I’m pitying everyone who has wanted this fight for therefore long.”

Tszyu fires up over ‘Micky Hatton’ jibe | 04:10

Former WBA world champion and Commonwealth Games gold medallist Andrew Maloney was one among variety of boxing identities to be left bemused.

“Screamed that they wanted the fight for years. seems they obviously don’t. Embarrassing!” he tweeted.

Tszyu quickly thanked Spark for stepping up as a replacement.

“Credit to Steve for taking this fight,” said Tszyu, who was ringside when Spark defeated Jack Brubaker earlier within the year.

“He’s a dangerous fighter with tons of power.”

Stevie Spark – the nicest boxer alive | 01:21

Watch Tszyu vs Spark Live on Kayo Pay-Per-View Fenech is another who has been impressed by Spark’s power and believes he will represent a tougher challenge for Tszyu than Zerafa, who showed a “total lack of confidence” by coitus interruptus .

Tszyu vs Spark Live “This may be a sight Tim has got to be wary of,” Fenech told Sporting News.

“You’ve gotta be so careful with these guys who believe themselves, can punch and can step in and combat anyone.

“It’ll be tougher than what Zerafa would’ve been. If he’s been training, it’ll be a way tougher fight.

“This may be a fight Tim’s really gotta take care of.

“Don’t think it’s just a fill-in, he’s gotta consider as hard for it. It’s an entire different thing every week before a fight.

“He’s gotta watch Stevie Spark and provides him respect.

“He can punch and he’s not scared to fight anyone. They’re those you’ve gotta be frightened of .

“He’s gonna enter saying, ‘I’m either gonna knock out, or I’m getting knocked out.”

Tszyu vs Spark Live

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