Weaker winds offer some respite to firefighters battling Oregon wildfire

Weaker winds
Weaker winds

Weaker winds offer some respite to firefighters battling Oregon wildfire The current largest wildfire in the United States is still raging in southern Oregon on Saturday, but crews stopped some night work to help reduce the spread of hard work and low wind flames. Wildfires continue to threaten homes in neighboring California and elsewhere.

The bootleg fire is burning through the trees near Paisley, Oregon.
Fire tornadoes, fog, clouds: American fires create their own weather system
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Climate change has made the West hotter and drier over the last 30 years, and the weather will become more extreme and make forest fires more frequent and destructive. Extremely dry conditions and heat waves associated with climate change make forest fires more difficult to fight

Weaker winds offer some respite to firefighters battling Oregon wildfire In Montana, five firefighters were hospitalized a day after a lightning-borne fire caused by lightning and tornadoes returned to the hospital, federal officials said.

The five men joined other crews working on a 1,300-acre Devil’s Creek fire that burned raw, sick land in a nearby village in rural Jordan. Firefighters were building a defensive line during the climate change, said Mark Jacobsen, a spokesman for the Bureau of Land Management.
Jacobson declined to disclose the seriousness of the firefighters but said they were still being evaluated and treated. Firefighters include three crew members from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in North Dakota and two firefighters from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service in New Mexico.

On Saturday, Governor Greg Gianfort announced that fire crews from California and Utah were coming to Montana for help.


In Oregon, a bootleg fire destroyed an area twice the size of Rhode Island. About 40% of the cabins were burned after Friday, with most of the cabins burning down. At least 2,000 homes have been evacuated and 50,000 threatened.

The eastern edge of the fire continues to advance towards Summer Lake, avoiding the lines of fire and shouting “Go now!” Firefighters said.

Angela Goldman, the chief information officer for the fire, said winds up to 10 miles square feet could spread the flames through the fire, but it was not seen last week that the wind caused the blast to increase sharply. The fire, ignited by lightning, spread four miles a day driven by strong winds and extremely dry weather.

There was good news at the bottom of the burning 625 square miles. The crew stuck them in the line of control and were able to take a substantial position to the southeast below and repel their “24-7 run-gun” battle, night patrols from the “Fire Information Officer”. Says Sarah Gracie.

“For us, it’s a big step forward,” he said. “Working in a black forest in the middle of the night is not so easy.”

Authorities said they would monitor the wind situation.

“The fire continues to challenge us, and we will remain vigilant, work hard and adapt,” said Joe Hassel, event commander of the Forest Department’s incident management team. Oregon said in a statement.

That aspect of the fire burned the area that had been blackened by the previous fire, creating fuel gaps and reducing the spread of flames through grass, shrubs and wood, Gracie said.

In California, Governor Gavin News declared a state of emergency for four northern counties in the wake of the forest fires, which he said were “extremely dangerous for the protection of people and property.” The announcement paves the way for more state support.

The Tamarak fire south of Tahoe Lake has now burned 92 square miles of timber and a one-story chapel in most of the national forest, fire officials said.

Lightning strikes in Alps County have destroyed at least 10 buildings and forced the evacuation of more than 2,400 homes. That includes about 1,300 people who, while in orbit for the first time, exploded on the North U.S. Highway north of Pokhraj Lake on the California-Nevada line and set fire to a new point.

Weaker winds offer some respite to firefighters battling Oregon wildfire


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