Where a vast global vaccination programme went wrong

Where a vast global vaccination programme went wrong The death toll from Kovid-1 in Africa rose in June when 100,000 doses of the Pfizer-Biotech vaccine reached Chad. The delivery seemed to prove that the UN-backed program to vaccinate the world could bring the most desirable vaccine to the least developed countries. Yet five weeks later, the Chadian health minister says 94,000 doses are still unused.

To Benin, only 267 injections were given per day, a rate so slow that the program’s AstraZeneca dose of 110,000 expired. Across Africa, as indicated in a July secret document, the program is monitoring at least nine countries where it is said that the dose prescribed for the poor is at risk of being wasted this summer.


Where a vast global vaccination programme went wrong Facing the vaccine backlog vaccination program is the most deadly, but largely outlines a picture of unknown problems as it tries to recover from a few months of mistakes and frustration: difficulty getting doses from airport runways to weapons.

Known as COVAX, the program was supposed to be a global powerhouse, a multimillion-dollar alliance of international health organizations and nonprofits that would ensure that poor countries get vaccinated as quickly as the rich through mere purchasing power.

In contrast, Kovacs had trouble achieving the dose: it was 500 million less than its target. Poor countries are dangerously vulnerable because the Delta variant is running rampant, just to prevent the scenario for which COVAX was created.

The urgent need to vaccinate the world is beyond protecting the people of poor countries. The longer the virus spreads, the more dangerous it can become, even for people vaccinated in rich countries.

President Joe Biden comments during a visit to a Pfizer plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan on February 19, 2021 (Doug Mills / The New York Times).
Without a few hundred more shots, experts warn, new forms could emerge, endangering all nations.

“The CoVAX has not failed, but it is failing,” said Dr Ayode Alakiza, vice-president of the African Union’s vaccine distribution program. “We really have no choice. For the benefit of humanity, Kovax will certainly work. ”

Finally, more supplies are on the way, courtesy of the Biden administration, which is buying 500 million doses from Pfizer and distributing them through Kovacs, the focus of a greater involvement of wealthy Democrats. Donated doses should start shipping this month.

But according to a meeting note between Kovacs and U.S. officials, Biden’s donation, valued at 3.5 3.5.5 billion, brings a warning: to help fund it, the administration is withdrawing millions of dollars pledged to vaccinate poor countries. Lacking funding, those countries have struggled to get the clinic to buy fuel for dose transport, train people to inject, or persuade people to get it.

Where a vast global vaccination programme went wrong

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