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Why india struggls to win Olympic gold

Why india struggls to win Olympic gold On Wednesday, Robrina Bergohine beat all the girls at a sumo wrestling ground where women were not normally allowed to enter the ring. He hit his distant home, Assam, which is known not only for its sweet tea, but also for its armed group.

But most of all, she competed in the women’s welterweight boxing semifinals in India, the world’s second most populous country. India wants the most beneficial reckoning for the Olympics. Excluding the continuity of winning men’s hockey many generations ago, India has won another gold in the history of the Olympic Games in its 2008 shooting.

Why india struggls to win Olympic goldI was 100 percent sure I’d go home with the money,” said Borgohen, who had been away from home training for eight years. His father used to choose tea for his livelihood.

Turkey’s Busanaz Ceremnelli, his rival in Tokyo, may have had a small head, but his footwork was light and his hits were strong. Borgohen was overwhelmed, and he hoped that his opal frame would absorb one hit after another and serve as a gold medal role model for millions of Indian girls.

“What message can I give them?” He said. “I lost the game.”
Borgohen is still confirmed after India’s third medal, bronze medal, women’s weightlifting silver medal and women’s badminton bronze medal in the competition.

But every four years (five years in this case), the same question is asked in India. Why is the country so bad in the Olympics? And is it important?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, keen on projecting India’s global identity, has decided to do so. After India’s poor performance at the 2012 Rio de Janeiro Games (a silver medal, a bronze medal), the government has lacked funding for decades and financed a corrupt sports bureaucracy. Private enterprises intervene to train elite athletes who may have access to an uphill path. And state money has also started flowing into grassroots sports.

“Now the government is working hard to change the sports system,” said Mirabai Chanu, a Tokyo silver medalist who has worked for seven years, and weightlifting coach Vijay Sharma. “But they have a lot to do. They have a long way to go.”

Abinab Bindra, India’s only Olympic gold medalist, said today’s sports environment is different from winning the 10m air rifle competition in Beijing. He said there were 200 participants when he entered the shooting nation as a young man. Recently, the competition has drawn 20,000 and then 20,000 without a cut. He said the eight members of the Indian shooting team in Tokyo are number one or number two in the world in their category.

“This could be the beginning of a new era of sports in India,” Bindra said.

But so far, Tokyo has been a field of similar frustration for India. Rabbi Dahiya, who competes in men’s freestyle wrestling, is guaranteed to win at least one silver medal after winning the semifinals on Wednesday, and the men’s javelin throwers are still competing. The women’s hockey team reached the semifinals for the first time, but after the defeat, they will have to compete for the bronze medal on Wednesday as well as the boys. The shooters missed their mark. The disc came in 6th place. And the proud shooter could not follow in Bindra’s footsteps. No one came to the medal.

Not everyone in India is sure that the country has to measure its self-esteem with an Olympic medal. According to them, India is already a sports powerhouse, not just participating in the Olympics.

By far the most popular entertainment in India, cricket boasts a lucrative national league and the country is at the top international level of the sport. Sports promoters have also announced Kabaddi Pro League. Kabaddi is an ancient group tag in South Asia where players sometimes have to recite the word “kabaddi” many times. (The sound is to confirm that the player will exhale during the attack.)

The fact that Indian sports spectators are concentrated elsewhere every few weeks every four years does not alleviate Tokyo’s frustration. The pre-convention fund has raised expectations for gold. Indian sports officials unveil an Olympic delegation of 127 members. This delegation was the largest, youngest and most equipped in India.

But for Indian Olympic athletes, the weight of national expectations has been broken, especially after a few months of competition, especially due to the coronavirus epidemic. A 19-year-old Indian archer, who admitted to winning medals with an air pistol, admitted that the burden of winning a game where concentration was paramount was confusing.

After losing the men’s field hockey semifinal match against Belgium at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed to Tokyo in August 2021, he will surrender to India’s Kumar at the stadium. In Olympic history, he won a gold medal in the 2008 shooting. (Alexandra Gar

Why india struggls to win Olympic gold

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