Wildfire Shot Torch Homes, land in 10 states in the western United States


Wildfire On Tuesday, forest fires that burned homes and forced thousands to evacuate threatened 10 parked western states and part of Oregon’s largest California power source on Tuesday.

According to the National Integrity Fire Center, about 60 fires broke out from Alaska to Wyoming with bone-dried wood and ridges. Arizona, Idaho and Montana cause more than half of major active fires.

Wildfire A fire broke out when the West got into another battle at dangerously high temperatures in just a few weeks. Climate change fuels Megadore are also contributing to conditions that make fires more dangerous, scientists say.

According to the National Weather Service, heat waves have increased in many areas and additional heat warnings are expected to expire by Tuesday night.

“We look forward to the next few days with a keen interest in the cool trend, but in Orford, Medford, we have to spend another hot day,” the weather agency said.

The largest fire in the U.S. in the village of southwest Oregon behind the shoe fires – which destroyed about 818 square miles – more than double the size of Portland – threatened about 2,000 houses, state fire chiefs said Tuesday. 21 houses and other small structures.

Firefighters fought to build a container force, and no one was able to curb the flame in the Fremont-Wainman National Forest near the town of Klamath County on the River Sprague.

“We are in extreme weather conditions. Humidity is low, fuels are highly flammable and provide the conditions for significant fire activity, ”Omdal said.

The fire department was disrupted by three transmission lines that supplied 5,500 megawatts of electricity in California, and the state electricity grid operator asked for voluntary power savings on Monday. More than 44,500 megawatts were found on Tuesday, the operator said.

In Northern California, a pair of embedded electrically ignitable blades, called the Beckwith Complex, were surrounded by wind, hot, and dry weather after 22% firefighting that cut off plant moisture. The evacuation was ordered for more than 3,000 residents in remote northern and neighboring Nevada.

There were reports of burnt houses, but the damage was still prolonged. 375 square kilometers of land, including the Plaza National Forest, burned more and the water level rose by more than 46%.

The fire, which began about 39 square kilometers south of Yosemite National Park in the Sierra Nevada, which began on Sunday, increased by about 15 square kilometers (39 square kilometers), but the waters increased by 15 percent to the four undeveloped buildings that were destroyed.

Elsewhere, forest fires during thunderstorms in southeastern Washington have risen to 223 square miles. On Monday, it was 20%.

Another fire west of Winthrop has blocked the natural northern Cascades Highway, the northernmost route through the Cascade area. The road provides access to North Cascades National Park and the Ross Lake National Recreation Area.

In Idaho, Governor Brad Little participated in the National Guard battle of two lightning strikes that simultaneously burned about 2 square miles of dry wood in a remote, arid area.

rnalist Julie Walker participated in this report from New York.


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