Workers doubt health rules on launches

Workers doubt health rules on launches Passengers typically travel without maintaining physical distance and climb shoulder-to-shoulder at launch, despite the risk of epidemic transmission.

Workers fear that the situation will worsen as passenger pressure increases after service resumes on Wednesday.

Many launches have been docked to the Sadarghat terminal before resuming on Monday. “I’m ready and booked this place,” said a Swarnadwip Plus Launch employee.

Workers doubt health rules on launches Approximately 150 launches take place daily on 43 routes from the terminal to the southern district.

Abul Kalam Jhantu, general manager of MV Sundarbans, which operates on the Balisal and Patuakari routes, said he would comply with hygiene regulations.

“There’s nothing wrong with the cabin, but there’s a problem with the deck,” he said.

Most passengers travel by phone because tickets for a limited number of cabins are more expensive.

“We will see passenger pressure from Wednesday. People will travel for fear of another shutdown,” said an employee of the Parabat launch.

He is also skeptical about deck health rules. “Despite repeated reminders, deck passengers never pay attention.”

Mamun, who works for MV Yadav, believes that outages increase the risk of infection, as passenger pressure is always high after a reboot.

He believes that adhering to the authorities’ health rules will reduce the pressure in that case and allow the service to remain in place at all times.

Workers suffer from blockage

Workers said many of them were unpaid and many lost their jobs when the blockade stopped service.

Shah Alam, chairman of the Bangladesh Federation of Ship Workers, claimed that about 50,000 workers were not working in the blockade.

“Some owners can pay, but others can’t, and the government helped only 1,600 workers at Rs 2,500 in cash,” he said.

Mostafizur Rahman, master of Mitali Launch, said large companies could pay workers, but small companies couldn’t.

Jhantu, general manager of MV Sundarbans, said the nine launches paid all 90,000 workers on a regular basis.

Mamun, the owner of MV Yadav, also claimed that all workers were paid.

He complained that the owner suffered a loss due to the blockade.

“We had to pay the loan installments. The government denied our incentives.”

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