You won’t get any of these exciting new iOS 15 features if your iPhone is 3+ years old

Apple officially shut down the secret iOS 15 at WWDC last month, the latest update to the company’s mobile OS. Although the iOS 15 feature list may not be a singular blow-away item, the update is compelling despite its own rights. As usual, Apple at WWDC didn’t even have time to touch it all as it was getting a chance to bring even interesting new features to the iOS 15 table. Just two examples of text selection and drag and drop enlargement for return functionality in the app

If you have an older iPhone, it is worth noting that you may not be able to enjoy 15 features per iOS. While Apple has an admirable job of making sure the new iOS release of older devices works, each iPhone can support some of the more advanced features of iOS 15.

Not that the iPhone can run iOS 15
IOS 15 will run on iPhone 6S and any device released later. Remember, this iPhone has been included in the first generation before noon.

IOS 15 features will not work on older iPhones
The simple reality is that older iPhone hardware can take advantage of every new iOS 15 feature. In particular, some iOS 15 features, at a minimum, require an A12 bionic processor. Apple’s A12 processor debuted in 2018 on the iPhone XS and xr models.

Portrait mode

One feature that will not work on iPhone models released ahead of 2018 is chatting via portrait mode video facetime.

Advanced Apple Map features
Apple Maps with iOS 15 is getting a few nice improvements. Some new features will require a more recent device, such as an immersive header for walking directions.

Live text

Live Text Cool iOS 15 also includes additional features Apple launched last month. Features In short, users can extract text from photos. It’s okay to OCR the built-in on your device without relying on third party software. Even cool that live text can be understood in seven different languages and translated in real time.

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